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10 Content Marketing Ideas for Blog

ibnuismail | March 02, 2017

hamuraagency.com - Do you ever feel that you are running out of ideas for website or blog content? With almost nine of ten companies that using several content marketing to attract consumers, you also have to visualize and product those content marketing in daily basis, of course with the quality of content. Here are below 10 content marketing tips that very useful for business blog and website so that you never run out of content ideas. Probably, some of ideas below you ever used before, but take a look for the new ideas that never used before:

  1. Quality over quantity. Focusing to create less content with best quality rather than too many content. If you want to create 3-5 short content in your blog or website, think again. Creating 1-2 long content with quality will be a better choice.
  1. (Define your ideal persona. Find out who are your target market specifically and create a content specific for your each target market.
  1. Searching for another picture sources with high quality for your blog or maybe you can produce it internally and hire some professional photographer. Remember! A non-quality photo stock can make your two bit blog.
  1. Write a blog posting that respond to a controversial article or video in your niche.
  1. Ask your audience to send their own experience stories with using your product or services.
  1. Figure out what’s trending now in your industry, make it attractive using infographic about those things.
  1. Create your category page in website and blog in order to make your visitors easy to find out relevant content for them. Later, this page will be optimized in specific topic or theme. This will be help your visitors find out the relevant content.
  2. Write posting list and connected with all the articles (backlink) with the specific theme or topic. This way is also good to optimize Search Engine Optimization and increase on site reader timing.
  1. Create video where you can tell everything about your brand, even not directly connected with your business. Sometimes, readers just want to connect with your brand in human basis.
  1. Make blog posting that consist of inspirational or motivational quotes that make the readers will enjoy every word.


With several ideas above, your blog content will definitely attractive and interesting for your consumers and also you, as a business person that want to improve your brand through content marketing. If you have difficulties to create an interesting content marketing for your business, you can ask help to Hamura, digital agency in Jakarta that 100% will help your brand grow towards content marketing.

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