4 Hashtag Criterias Which Level Up Your Business in Social Media Image : 4 Hashtag Criterias Which Level Up Your Business in Social Media

4 Hashtag Criterias Which Level Up Your Business in Social Media

ibnuismail | March 02, 2017

hamuraagency.com - Nowadays, using social media for business marketing isn’t new thing. Any strategy use to get consumen in social media which full of prepareness and completeness. But, do you use hashtag in your post? The fact is, hashtag can give a big influence in a post and the account. So, it can level up your business as significant. It’s happen because hashtag can move to chats in social media and at the time it can promote your business to social media user.

But, are all of hashtag can level up our business? It’s a big no. Hashtag divide in two, there are hasthtag which can received by all social media user, and hashtag which help you to expand the network and spread your product. So, what are you interesting in? There’s four of hashtag criterias that benefitial.


Set Up the Theme of Article

Generally, the social media user and social media marketing use general hashtag for your post can blend in the trending topic. But, how if you will get link in your product or your business? The answer is, set up your hashtag which relevant with your business or product.

For the example, there is a company named Xkent that wanna do the marketing on social media with hashtag #AskXkent. So, followers who will participate to be marketing in that company must an enclose the hashtag #AskXkent in every ask. Eventually, that hashtag developing and spreading to all social media user. Xkent company is being famous.

Easy to be Understand

A simple and general hashtag can you use in marketing startegy at social media to give a trigger to followers that can do the relevant activity with your marketing strategy. But, using hashtag with that strategy isn’t hold longer and just covered the small space. So, what are the best strategy? Use the easy hashtag and easy to understand for your followers. Don’t use the formal speech yet attractive to make your followers be increase and be longer participant.

As the example, a small industry supply holiday package which destination is Kepuluan Seribu and use social media with hashtag #travelpulauseribu or #wisatapulauseribu. That small industry invite its followers to spreadwidely the product to upload the holiday photos in Kepulauan Seribu with that hashtag. Hashtag that easy to understand will influence followers to upload their photo, from one to one human and blended in that community of small industry. Through that way, so many people will see that industry.


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Don’t Use Mainstream Hashtag

The mainstream hashtag or same with hashtag competitor will make your product unseen. This is the important thing about using different hashtag and anti-mainstream. Try to make your idea up and make your creative hashtag, so you can stick out your product.


Get the Right Target and Trusted

In the other ways, make sure your hashtag get the right target and done the trial and error before. Hashtag can imaging all of visual content or article content that you makes. So, set up the caption, picture, and hashtag that relevant. Those are to avoid the failure of the post and negative response to your post.

Those are the four criterias of hashtag which can level up your business in social media. Obey the rules of “Content is a King” and do the spam, so it will level up your good image of the product among other social media user.

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