4 Potential Digital Marketing Trends in 2016 Image : 4 Potential Digital Marketing Trends in 2016

4 Potential Digital Marketing Trends in 2016

ibnuismail | March 01, 2017

hamuraagency.com - Marketing online is always evolving as time goes by. With the number of online users on both mobile and desktop, it is possible to attract prospective clients and consumers from online media marketing. But, in order to continue the online marketing strategy development, especially in digital field, companies should compete to create innovation and gain reputation also credibility for the company itself.


Here are 4 (four) digital marketing trends that will be able to change your brand in 2016:


Video Ads

Actually, video ads is not a something new in digital world. But, this will more dominate in 2016. Facebook & Bing as the first social media that has a video ads feature. However, Google doesn’t want to lose the competition and creating video ads feature to maintain their existence. Many advertisers and digital agency in Jakarta became Google Partners, one of them is Hamura Agency. With an appropriate budget adjustments, we help other companies to provide video ads.


Mobile vs Desktop

The era of mobile usage will completely submerge desktop performance in 2016 due to the growing of mobile in 2016. Thanks to Google because they provide a solution that all websites must have a mobile friendly features. Mobile friendly means that the website should be opened via mobile and easy to use by the smartphone users, both in speed and interface. In 2015, data said that more people are using mobile search in 10 different countries. Based on that data, it could be a benchmark for companies to put their ads on mobile.


Optimize Strategy

In the past, many online companies rely on both paid (SEM) ads and organic (SEO) to optimize their website and content. SEO is to optimize the website properly, but takes a long time to appear to page on of Google. While SEM is the paid ads optimization that can directly show up on search engines. This year, a variety of features on search engines like Siri and Cortana can also be optimized.


Increasing Ads Investment

Over the past few years, online marketing has evolved in a competitive, especially in 2016 era. The company is expected to spend about $10 billion more in all areas of digital marketing in was done in 2015. Here, companies have to think about how they can integrate these trends into marketing strategies as opposed to competitors in 2016.


That fourth digital marketing trends above chosen by companies and entrepreneur in 2016. So, how about your company? Is your strategy run well to gain more consumers? If you have a year plan, you have to choose one of those strategies.


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