4 Ways to Increase Content Marketing to Get Visitor Attention Image : 4 Ways to Increase Content Marketing to Get Visitor Attention

4 Ways to Increase Content Marketing to Get Visitor Attention

ibnuismail | March 02, 2017

hamuraagency.com – Content Marketing is an important part to get visitor attention. Some of the company use digital marketing as the point and combine with content marketing and developt it. In digital technology  era, marketing and digital marketing need special attention to get positive image. In other ways, content marketing can keep the engagement and good cooperation between enterpreneur with their client through good communication.

Then, how to increase the content marketing? This we are try to give some tips to you.


 Four Ways to Increase Content Marketing 

  1. Use More Than One Social Media

In this digital era, it’s sounds funny when we just have a social media while out of it so many social media that we have to use well. Use the social media which have a lot of user to increase a lot of consumen too. Social media which have a lot of user in Indonesia are Facebook, Twitter, G Plus, Instagram, Path, Line, Youtube, and other media. You can use feature ads that they serve.


  1. Use Social Media Property

Some social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram sounds usual. Social media user still active and then increase day by day. So, you can make your brand up so well with those social media. Then don’t forget about social media property because you still use for increase your content marketing.


  1. Increase Feedback Visitor

Feedback or response is a thing that we expect when we done the best post in several social media. But, if we not use that social media fo a long time, definitely the feedback will decrease. So, how to handle that problem? You just need to build up the attractive content. With this way, your content marketing and online shop will get a lot of response.


  1. Link with Business

Make a story fiction or non-fiction are one of content marketing. You can take from the current experience or world figure that inspired. But the problem is what are the related with your online shop business? This is the problem that sometimes the content marketer does. So, sense and experienced are the point which increase the quality of content marketing.


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Those are the four tips to increase content marketing in your business. The point is you must full attention for that content marketing aren’t useless. But now so many company of digital media ready to help you with their professional content marketer.

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