5 Adwords Extension to Increase PPC Conversions Image : 5 Adwords Extension to Increase PPC Conversions

5 Adwords Extension to Increase PPC Conversions

ibnuismail | March 02, 2017

hamuraagency.com - Every advertisers in Google Adwords have same objective, is to increase relevant click. The more relevant click, the higher possibility that your consumers will convert. If you have any clear objective to increase the PPC conversion of your ads, you have to increase click qualification. There’s a way to do that with utilize ads extension in your ads campaign. When doing a Google search, you might see some ads take up more space than others. This happened due to advertisers using Adwords Extension that give ads ability to show more information than usual. For example, while you searching for keyword “nearest pizza from me”, ads that has Adwords Extension clearly shown in users.

So, what’s the advantage of using Adwords Extension. Here are two advantages that you can get:


Better Click Through Rate

Adwords extension provide a new ways to search and learning about your business and interacting with ads. Users can make a call or go to directly to their page if you using ad extension.


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Increase Visibility

Using Adwords extension make your slot ads more visible and can get more PPC rather than others. Just compare the ads with and without ads extension, you will see that ads with extensions look more informative than those without extensions.


So, there are 5 (five) types of extensions that used to increase click conversion to ads:


Sitelinks Extensions

Sitelinks allows advertisers to put four sitelinks in their ads. Not only give you more PPC and more visibility, but also give users opportunity to find relevant pages for them. Sometimes, sitelinks extension also give quick summary to describe product or services.


Call Extensions

When users come into ads page (especially you who open via smartphone), you want to give them option to call you. Call extensions tie them with your phone number into your ads. You don’t need to go to website just for find the phone number. You just simply click “call” and connected with them.


Location Extensions

If you have business with many branches, you want to show your business location. Extension can added some address, phone number and office hours. With 50% from smartphone users will come to your store at the same day they searched. Have a location is so important to showing searchers how close your business is to them.


Review Extensions

With using third party to give testimonial about your business, you also can get the free review from users because automatically show in search engine. Due to testimonial is the biggest part of decision maker process, those thing can be an important aspect that make users easier to decide something.


Offer Extensions

One of Google’s newer extensions lets you add offers onto your ad. You not only offering more information about your business but also looking for someone that do the business with you.

Do you already Google Adwords campaign right now? If yes, try to improve your campaign with many extensions choice to optimize your ads.

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