5 Reasons Why Every Company Need Website Maintenance Image : 5 Reasons Why Every Company Need Website Maintenance

5 Reasons Why Every Company Need Website Maintenance

ibnuismail | February 21, 2017

hamuraagency.com - Every company has their own website that filled with information of product and services that filled with information of your business. As a company website, you have to take care every single elements from attractive web design, relevant content and mobile friendly website. Not only those elements but also the website maintenance thing, especially for e-commerce industry. Website maintenance be an important issue that must be done to make your customers satisfied and comfortable when have a shopping experience. Good website maintenance can help customers to ask, complain everything if they feel satisfied or not.

So, why do we need website maintenance?


1. Google Show Selective Website

Many content marketing has already spread through Google. As a number one search engine in the world, Google will tighten those content for quality website in mobile friendly and SEO friendly. 


2. Fast Response for Customer

As mentioned above, customer want a responsive response especially related to customer service. In this era, customer always search and comparing the quality of product or services to competitor.

The advantage to be always get in touch with customer is to maintain customer’s trust and show your brand credibility. Easy way to do everyday are open email in daily basis, reply your customer’s email, reply comments or respond urgent complain.


3. Latest Information on Website

Customers will visit many times if your website has clear and relevant information. Update your information often at least twice a week with a fresh content to avoid monoton information. Spare your time 1-2 hours per day to creating attractive content.

Also, never forget to replace your banner and make a new page if you have any update promotion that related with your strategy.


4. Utilize Social Media

Through social media, your brand can communicate directly with the customers. As the brand who wants to get real insight from audience, they will give you the real insight from comments, review and complain. You, just need to communicate and engage with them everytime. The key is you have to reply every comment, spread the related content and community management. The result? Your customer will has sense of belongings towards your brand and willing to promote actively.


5. Backup Data Periodically

Routine to back up your data and hosting to avoid technical and human error. Do backup your website data every week to ensure when there is something bad, though you still we have data a week ago. Remember, to back up your data in safest place that you can access everytime.

All those website activities above you can maintain by yourself or IT support in your company. However, Hamura as a digital agency in Jakarta offer the quality of website maintenance for entrepreneur and owner of company that doesn’t have a time or resources to do the website maintenance. Call us for to get the best price!

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