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5 Ways to Create Trustworthy Website

ibnuismail | March 02, 2017

hamuraagency.com -  When it comes to establishing trust, it doesn’t matter how compelling your calls-to-action are, how engaging your content is, or how quickly your pages load on mobile screens. If visitors to your site have any doubts about how trustworthy you are, they’ll bounce right out and never come back. Especially if your business focus on services oriented like doctor, lawyer, hospital, teacher and anything related, you must have trustworthy website in order to make your consumers attracted to visit your website even willing to use your service. In facts, only 3% of consumers trust salesperson and marketers. So, how to make a trustworthy website that consumers will come over and over again?


Use Authentic Images

Using paid or free stock images could be a solution for searching the right image for your website. But, sometimes those images become not authentic to represent your brand. To truly maximize your website’s visual authenticity, you may consider hiring professional photographer to take picture of employee, products, office and moments that you spent together. Within this way, you can get the quality of visual if you are put in company website and become well content assets.



Testimonial give the biggest role in creating trust. Reach out your consumer’s everytime your brand complete a project and ask them for a feedback, example: your website layout. If possible, attach that person photos and testimonials to shown in your website page. Usually, other consumers will attract with the other’s testimonial while searching for products or services.


Create Helpful Content

Template content or selling constant content is not attractive at all for consumers. If your visitors visit your website for the first time, they will never come back. Instead of create content with sales wording, create your content that will give benefit to consumers and highlight your products and service’s Unique Selling Point (USP) without overtly selling. Many of your competitors will apply the same strategies. So, you have to utilize blog to explore your crucial information about your brands.


Show Your Media Partner Logo

The power of media have a highest impact and gain trust for consumers, if your website supported by media, you have higher possibilities to have trustworthy consumers for your brand. For example, your brand have coverage in top magazine in Indonesia, that can become your company's credibility with only media logos. Just to ensure your visitors that you have quality of website.


Right Landing Page

Make a clear landing pages and put the right content in each of website pages based on their category when clicked by visitors. Always ensure that each navigation of pages must be intuitive and easy to remember. Short disclaimer and bottom labels can help, too. For example, when we try to put ourselves as a consumers that will fill newsletter email, how do we want to get the right information for our needs?


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