6 Path New Features That Will Attract Consumers Image : 6 Path New Features That Will Attract Consumers

6 Path New Features That Will Attract Consumers

ibnuismail | February 21, 2017

hamuraagency.com - Good news for Path users because they recently develop a new features that will attract your consumers. Some of the new feature are very useful for entrepreneur that developing their business through Path. Path is updating the 5.1 new version, if you want to have the new features, just download in App Store or Google Play Store based on your smartphone. After updating, some of these features you might be enjoy. Here are these features that will attract your consumers:



Interface feature for Android users will be very useful. Path seems give something new that will never lose their consumers. As we know, Path users mostly downloaded from Indonesia and most Android users come from Indonesia. No wonder, Path focus on their new interface only on Android devices. The advantages of the new interface, you just simply slide to the left or right to navigate to other tabs.



Same as Instagram, you can also play a short video on timeline without download first. But, that feature only works in Android only, seems iOS users have to be patient to wait. Path will update soon for iOS users can enjoy the video feature.


Comment Tagging

This feature almost like Facebook feature, where you can do tagging and mentioning your friends when you make a comment. Just simply add ‘@’ symbol before you put name, path automatically recommend your friends that will gonna tag.


Birthday Notification

You will get notification whenever your Path friends birthday on that day. By doing so, you can celebrate birthday together along with your friends and never miss their crucial moment.


In-App Browse

Now you can open Path through desktop without switch off your Path application in mobile. This feature make easier for users if they want to open via desktop.



Chatting feature is quite complete rather than any common chat feature in other application. Path chat feature can make a group chat for specific people. The interesting part is they will delete your sent message every one week. This change was made at that time in order to compete with other social media application. So, with combination of social media application and chatting, the users will be easier to communicate and play with the new Path. With paid content, Path can increase their revenue. Path also provide stickers and paid camera filter to make attractive users. Path officially taken its share by Daum Kakao Corp. in May 2015.


All those six features can maximize your online marketing strategy. With your help to always maximize and deliver active content to consumers, they will automatically respond positively to your brand. However, if you don’t have time to maintain social media and maximize your online marketing strategy, Hamura Agency who specialist in digital field ready to help you.

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