7 Digital Marketing Trends in 2016 that Attract Business Owner Image : 7 Digital Marketing Trends in 2016 that Attract Business Owner

7 Digital Marketing Trends in 2016 that Attract Business Owner

ibnuismail | February 21, 2017

hamuraagency.com - Due to the trend, digital marketing world currently get highly attention from public, especially in entrepreneur and business world. About digital marketing is a smart way to promote your brand, product or services digitally. Given its growing surprisingly and even more, digital marketing strategy was chosen as the most effective strategy. Businessman know and utilize this potential that want to using a digital marketing strategy, but many digital agency in Jakarta also see digital marketing as a one of potential services. Based on Business2Community.com, here are 7 (seven) digital marketing trends that growing nowadays:


1. Story Telling

One of the most potential strategy that interested is story telling. They create interesting story for brand, product and service within their own way. However, is not easy to make a stories in digital campaign, as a business owner you have to adjust based on each industry. This digital campaign will have chance of success if their concept and placement caught attention to netizens, put it in the right place. Ask help from your content writer to create an attractive stories and make your brand blowing up.


2. Video

In the past, consumers already interested with just a picture. But, as a digital marketing development this concept is already old-fashioned. Why? With a video you can give everybody real visual interest and easy to understand, especially for who those that doesn’t want to read. Nowadays, there are so many type of video like vlog, live streaming and anything else that very easy to create.


3. Paid Social Media Platform

In 2015, free social media platform is becoming a king, it’s proven by many business owner used free social media platform to promote their brand like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Path. But, there will be no freer platform in 2016. Currently, if you don’t have specific budget to do social media promotion, your brand will be difficult to compete with other brands. Many digital agency in Jakarta also provide social media buzzer to increase your brand engagement with implicit way like Hamura Agency.


4. 2016, It's Time for Mobile Apps

The rapid growth of smartphone user and technology make several digital company launch their mobile application. In 2016, this strategy proven advantages in both party’s users and business owner. But, if you have a planning to make a good mobile application, make sure it user friendly and no bugs for consumer’s convenience.


5. Combine Between Local & Mobile

Nowadays, combination between SEO mobile and local is the key business can run effectively. Google already spent their time to 2 years to find this way. So, this year it’s so important to both of mobile and local. What the meaning of SEO mobile and local? SEO mobile is optimized website method with international keyword, the disadvantage of SEO mobile is take too much time to get best result. However, SEO local is more standard and not complex because only involving one country and several region.


6. All about Marketing

With many products that launch “internet in all things” concept, for example smart electronic like Smart TV that already connect with internet. In 2016, there are more trend and booming. Through digital marketing they can see whole world.


7. Return of Investment (ROI) Content

Content marketing already get support within the recent years and 2016 is where the years that business owner ask what digital marketing strategy that works and get return of investment? If we do several strategy above, we can get both foreign and local investor to business owner.

There are 7 digital marketing trends above that can inspiring you to do business.

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