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7 Ways Create Good and User Friendly Website

ibnuismail | February 21, 2017

hamuraagency.com - While currently internet usage almost distribute evenly across Indonesia region due to many websites developed around the world. Based on what Wikipedia said, website is a place for information, promotion or community that located on a computer system. Website certainly very necessary to introduce a product or services in Business Company.

Within the website existence, users can easier to searching what products to be buy. Other than that, website is so important to put company profile in order to branding the company image.

The easiest way to create a website is find the domain name that searchable. Deciding domain name also impact to search engine. With the good domain name and related with website content is the best way to create domain name. For example, your company specialist is provide website development services, so the best thing is decide the domain name that including word ‘web’. Besides that, there are 7 (seven) criteria to optimize your website:

  1. Create Logical User Flow

A good website must have an attractive design. But, there is more thing important for the users is easy to navigate. You, as a web developer have to think how create the simple user flow from your website. Of course, that thing is so helpful for users experience and SEO to generate website rank. Make a wireframe for the new website and show it to your friends, if they understand, your website is completely user friendly.


  1. Show Your Business

While creating website, see what you need for a website. For example, a restaurant website has to put their important information such as menu page, location, map, contact info and review. You don’t need to put about us page too much, it can be decrease your value on website. Simply explain what your business core to consumers.


  1. Easy Navigation

Before you create website, just think how what navigate that user’s want. What consumers hope when they landed on your website? Is it promotion, interactive discount or what? Make you website easier to navigate for users, using familiar name and logical navigation like contact, FAQ, about, menu and etc.


  1. Utilize Social Media

Don’t forget to connect your website with the others social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+. It is necessary to link with promotion in social media, because social media have an important role in digital marketing world.


  1. Website Mobile Version

Currently, many users access website from smartphone or their gadget. Because of that, it so necessary to create website mobile version that also responsive. A responsive website can make users easier and adjusting based on their mobile screen.


  1. Have a Good Hosting

There is no meaning if you have a website but doesn’t have a good hosting. Therefore, your website should have a good hosting. Imagine that you have problem with your website and damaged, it can be handled within 24/7.


  1. Simple Website

Do not put many features in your website, remember a simple website can make user journey easier. So, make it free for the website from the useless features.

Easy, right? So, what are you waiting for, make your business accessible for all consumers and potentially consumers digitally.

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