Digital Marketing Strategy for Build your Brand Awareness Image : Digital Marketing Strategy for Build your Brand Awareness

Digital Marketing Strategy for Build your Brand Awareness

ibnuismail | March 07, 2017 - The world was got into digital era and influence the companies to advertise their products through the digital world. Digital tools which used to branding are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Website, Blog, or Youtube. The popularity of digital tools help the company or brand businesses to advertise their products. The competition in digital market make the businessman think deeply how to make their brand known and become the top brand in the market. There is not easy to make consumer know the brand whose businessman by, especially for those who release a new brand or newly started businesses.

Quoted from the book “The Power of Brand” by Freddy Rangkuti (2009:39), brand awareness is the ability of a potential buyer to recognize or recall that a brand is a part of a specific product category. How to build the brand awareness? These are the digital marketing strategy which you can aplly to increase the product marketing:


  1. Maximize Digital Tools

Some businessman still does the mistake about product marketing. There is a businessman who advertised the product through conventional media like TV or radio put the account of social media them used. You should have to maximize the social media to advertise product in digital, considering now the use of social media much higher than conventional media.


  1. Content Marketing

When come into virtual world, people will tend to search for content in accordance with what they need or find. Content marketing is a vital in digital marketing because content marketing is the emplacement. So, use the attractive and appropriate content because it can create the brand awareness and high traffic.


  1. Integrated Digital Marketing

Most products have some social media. It is not be forbidden, it's  just be wise using social media. The social media that used must be integrated so that no overlapping information.


  1. Embrace Relationship Marketing

A good brand will always get deal directly with customers. Stay close between the brand and the customer and the customer will be comfort. Also understand what customers want, use language that easy to remember and promising.


  1. Visual Marketing

Create the interesting and comfortable visual so the customers will easily remember the brand that you have. Visual is the main thing which would be considered a prospect, whether to keep shopping or opt out. If the visual are interesting and comfortable, then certainly the customers will come back to shop your brand and will always remember.


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Those are the strategy which you can apply in marketing to build the brand awareness. May help your business.

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