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Digital Marketing VS Internet Marketing

ibnuismail | March 02, 2017 - Digital marketing and internet marketing is a terminology that used in the digital activity. But, some people use digital marketing because it’s sounds familiar. There’s also opinion that digital marketing and internet marketing are the same thing. To know the difference of those, it can make you understand about digital marketing. If someday you will use as strategy analitic to categorizes what the type of marketing that you used during this time. Moreover, if you will use digital agency service in Indonesia.

According Wikipedia, digital marketing is the way to promote a trade-mark with digital media which can reach out consumen in the right time, privacy, and relevant. Digital marketing is stakeholder of all strategy digital which the canal covered website, social media platform, placement of banner, email marketing, mobile marketing, SEO, and others with digital tools. Meanwhile, internet marketing is a part of digital marketing and combine with technical aspect and creative aim branding mission and product educate via internet. In other ways, through the internet marketing, you can collect the data fastly, begin from age, location, and the behavior of each group.


There’s some channel of internet marketing which usual to use are :

  1. Website : Are the privacy site of the company or blog that used free site like WordPress, Blogspot, or Tumblr.
  1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) : is usually use pay advertising that supported with content.
  1. Social Media Marketing : is another content from the internet marketing that used social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, and Google+ because with social media, there’s can reached by user.
  1. Content Marketing : count on this way, it’s expected the continuity of SEO, it a plus when support with qualified content. Content marketing focus on making qualified content to build up the community whose a lot of influential visitor to Google rank.
  1. E-mail Marketing : from the development of smartphone, so many people used all of features inside. Sometimes, e-mail marketing is the right choice to convert the visitor or readers to be consumen. 
  1. Mobile Marketing : based on the data that show 30% convertion are from smartphone. Mobile marketing is a way to make content or advertising for each audiens. 


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From the explanation above, you know that internet marketing is a part of digital marketing. Basicly, when we talk about all of digital marketing, there are do the marketing which used internet.

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