Don’t Know How to Choose the Domain Name in Your Website? Follow These Tips! Image : Don’t Know How to Choose the Domain Name in Your Website? Follow These Tips!

Don’t Know How to Choose the Domain Name in Your Website? Follow These Tips!

ibnuismail | March 03, 2017 - Nowadays, the more internet technology developing, the more user too. The developt of internet makes user visit any site that give information and like what they looking for. So, no wonder if there are a lot of  kind of website and influence internet user to make website, maybe one of them is you.  If you one of the people who will make website, so choose domain name is the important thing in the process of making website. Some people says, the things which different when make website is choose the theme, another of it are choose the web design. But for me, determine the website domain is the difficult thing. Why? Because the domain name will determine how the website soon.

Maybe, some brand of businessman will choose website domain name based on company name, the name of or merck. But how if the domain is unavailable? How you to buy this? Some webmaster and SEO expert said better to choose domain name which easy to speech. But, not just it, you must noted seriously so you won’t dissapointed soon. So, how another tips? There are I will show you one by one.


  1. Choose the Simple Domain

The simple domain will make people easy to remind. They won’t to googling because your domain name is very simply and ideal. Buy Top Level Domain (TLD) like .com, .net, .co, ,, .org, or other that supplied by hosting and domain server. What the purpose? Of course that domain easier to be accessed by website visitor. Make one or two words for your domain and use extention .com or .net. Why? Because that extention are very user friendly.


  1. Don’t Use Connect Symbol

Connect symbol (-) in a website is a fatal mistake which oftenly webmaster does. This option they take when domain name are used by other user. Why I’m not suggest you? Because the connect symbol are difficult to optimize, this is proved by SEO expert.


  1. Prepare the Uniqe Name

Prepare the uniqe name for your domain name. I suggest you to prepare domain name which closer to the reader or domain name that usually reader’s spelt. There are make them to reminds because that name are used oftenly. I really not suggest you to use your name for your domain. Why? Because your name not closer yet user friendly. The uniqe domain will make your website have a lot of visitor because your website very uniqe.  


  1. Thinking How Long Your Domain Will Active

Think about domain name which can covered all of your website content that people talk continually. That thing won’t make people booring to look your content. If your website just for one or two year ahead, don’t waste your money to buy domain or hosting. You just need to use free blog.


  1. Don’t Forget the Subdomain

This is the long chance for your website. If your website are getting famous, no wonder if you will make the website which use your subdomain. This little prospect may you consider.


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That’s the five tips to choose uniqe domain name. You can take the point or idea from the tips for you to consider. But you can skip this tips. All depends on your choose and still thinking about the right domain for your website.


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