Don’t Know How to Choose Web Hosting Service? See These Tips! Image : Don’t Know How to Choose Web Hosting Service? See These Tips!

Don’t Know How to Choose Web Hosting Service? See These Tips!

ibnuismail | March 03, 2017 - Webhosting are from the word web and hosting. That word has different means. Web or website are instead of site pages which open in browser application with internet access, then hosting are memory or storage of that website pages which place in computer web server are on data files. Those servers are now managed by, and the company that manage and supply this webhosting service called webhost.

Now, there are a lot of  webhost company, local webhost or international webhost. We can look at internet or search engine like Google. But, those are make people confused to choose the right webhost. Are you the one of? That’s why this article we’ve made. There are the tips how you choose the right webhost.


4 Tips to Choose the Right Webhost

  1. Choose Which Suitable with Space and Bandwidth Needs

When you choose the package of hosting, you must be considering the files you have, like file text, picture, video, audio, or other, especially file hardisk. Bandwidth that served by webhost must be your consideration if sometimes you have many website visitors. Choose bandwidth stage by stage, if you have many visitors, let choose the hosting package with unlimited bandwidth.


  1. Service and Facilities

Fasilitas dan layanan dari setiap webhost berbeda-beda, yang membedakan hanya dari ketersediaan hosting yang mereka miliki. Dalam hal ini, pilihlah webhost yang memberikan support penuh agar mereka dapat sekaligus mengelola website Anda jika terjadi hal-hal yang tidak diinginkan dilain waktu. Service and fasilities from each webhost are different. The differences just hosting availability from the server. In this case, choose webhost which gives full support and manage your website if there’s an incident at the other times.


  1. Plan Your Target Visitor Website

The planning must you prepare when will choose webhost. Choose the local server if your target visitor are from domestic and choose American server if your target are international visitor. Why it’s so important? Because it’s so usefull to economize your bandwidth.


  1. Set the Budget

Set the budget are the last and important thing from the three tips above because this consideration is so influental to your web existention. Choose the right package which appropriate with your website. If your website just for entertaint and privacy content, choose the cheap price. But, don’t take the same tips if you manage company site, set the budget as its. The price of the package will influence the service and fasilities which you get it later. The payment from each webhost are different, there are will offer you to pay mothly or pay once a year.


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So, how about those tips? Do you wanna rent the webhost? Or still confused? Do’t worry, because there are so many digital agency which ready to help you to choose free webhost, like Hamura Agency. So, what are you waiting for?

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