Google Keywords Planner for Analyze Your Website's Keyword Optimization Image : Google Keywords Planner for Analyze Your Website's Keyword Optimization

Google Keywords Planner for Analyze Your Website's Keyword Optimization

ibnuismail | April 27, 2017 - Developing business needs foresight in looking at opportunities. One of its with website optimization. When do the website optimization, a businessman must to do the keyword research due to that important thing to know what are the keyword which can used in website optimization.  

When you make website or blog for business, so the traffic which targetted is a must. The traffic can gained from various sources, one of which is search engine Google. If your website or blog has optimized well to the keywords that you want, so the website is likely to be on the main page every time someone typing in the keywords of your choice.

Through keywords research, you can measure how muchtraffic potential in search engine Google wich you gained from optimized keywords. That research can do in the variety ways, however you can use the free tools from Google for keywords research, it is Google Keyword Planner.

In the keywords research, there are some things need to do, include here:


1. Register to Google Adwords

May you have to recognized Google Adwords, a facility that can free to use by advertiser to do the market research. When you register in Google Adwords, you can use Gmail account. If you first using Google Adwords, you will directed into Campaign page.                                                 


2. Use Google Keywords

After registration through Google Adwords, you can directly use this tools. The ways are below:

  1. Click menu “Tools,” it will appear the choose of sub menu. In the part of sub menu “Tools,” choose “Google Keywords Planner.”
  2. Click the choose “Search for new keyword and ad group ideas.”
  3. Put the keywords which related with your business in the available column, don’t forget to edit the “Targeting.”

If your target market is Indonesia, put Indonesia in the “Location” and put the Indonesia in “Language.” Then click “Get ideas.”

  1. Don’t forget to click tab “Keyword Ideas” because we will search the keywords that related with the main keywords. At there, we will see some important data such as, keywords trend each last 12 months, level competition of advertiser, and estimation of CPC value for every keywords.
  2. If you will download, so click “Download” in the below and save as file Excel CSV.
  1. The result displayed by Google Keywords Planner is statistic volume of keywords Exact Match or keywords that exactly typed by Google users.


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Do the research maximalize to gain the popular keywords. When you begin to Google Keywords, may you feel confused but slowly you will understand how to use and search the keywords with Google Keywords Planner.

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