How to Create Interesting Instagram Caption? Image : How to Create Interesting Instagram Caption?

How to Create Interesting Instagram Caption?

ibnuismail | March 02, 2017 - As we know that Instagram is the most powerful social media that contains visual image as a support to audiences. Within the power of visual image, you can attract followers and also show your product or services at the same time. Unfortunately, this element doesn’t stop until the eye-catching visual image, but also need combine with the good caption that can represent the visual. Therefore, how do we find a good strategy to make an attractive Instagram caption? Find out below:


Write Draft

Before going into caption, the first thing you need to do are make a draft and breakdown the ideas! Why? Because if you try to find out everything so deep, you will find a good information that can be put in caption. For the specific theme, you can use chronology journey and tell the audiences with your visual. Remember, Instagram algorithm changes everytime. Currently, Instagram will show every posting to the followers based on their engagement (likes and comments).


Put Information in Front

Always think that you can make attractive caption only within 2,200 characters. Find out what information that you give to followers before “more”. It is no problem to create the long caption in your Instagram, but make sure to put your crucial information like CTA in front. So, that your followers can get the main point of your visual. Remember to put the hashtag and extra information in behind. For your information, the ideal caption is 3-4 lines.


Interesting Call to Action

Without asking, you can always end the caption with interesting question. Why? However, the followers can easily get in touch and feel close with your brand. This strategy also can increase your engagement by comments. There are many examples to build a interesting CTA such as giving information about your link that shown on your description or invite followers to join contest.


Hashtag 0-4

Using a proper hashtag have purpose to bring your target market. Based on, using minimum 1 hashtag in each posting can increase engagement up to 12.6%. The good hashtag will connect every single content with the same topic in Instagram. Put your hashtag in end of your caption, however ideal hashtag consists of a maximum 4 hashtag.


Use Emoji

Replace your word with emojis to describe specific expression. Don’t worry, you can insert emojis everywhere, in front, middle and back as long as suitable with the caption. To make it more interesting, choose light, fun and authentic tone to represent the brand.


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