ibnuismail | March 02, 2017 - Currently, Instagram just announced new featured called Stories. These feature consider have similarities with Snapchat stories. No wonder, many people assumed that Instagram Stories copied the unique point of Snapchat. Even, the CEO of Instagram admit that he inspired by Snapchat Stories. So, here are a few difference between them, check this out:


What the Similarity

  • Both of them called Stories
  • You can upload video in 10 seconds length
  • All photos and videos that you upload disappeared within 24 hours
  • You can choose and see your friend’s stories in order
  • You also can give comments in every Stories
  • You can add text and emojis in photos or videos
  • Both of them include attractive filters
  • You can draw with built-in pen
  • Both of them have an option to save the media directly to camera roll
  • Lastly, anyone who has viewed your stories


What the Differences?

  • Snapchat has recently released “Memory” feature that allowing us to post something that is throwback, while in Instagram Stories not coming yet
  • Instagram Stories has various built-in pen to make your photos more creative
  • Instagram allowing post your stories as part of Instagram Stories
  • In Snapchat, you can see anyone who has screenshot your stories
  • Instagram Stories don’t have filters yet (face filters, geo filters, time stamps, atau weather and speed gauges) like Snapchat
  • Instagram user interface and design is more easily understood and looks better


Instagram Stories vs Snapchat Stories: Which One Suitable for Company

Since its launch four years ago, Snapchat be the fastest growing application among users of social media. Several factors are the reason why people so interested with Snapchat because Snapchat has been creative and innovative in developing a social media -based feature photos and video. The biggest problem for Snapchat is Monetize the market, or in other words Snapchat users do not care about the business. So whether it is a big problem? Today, the business is the most interesting and most promising in this generation, and soon became a demographic group with the greatest purchasing power. Business is trying to enter into the digital age, but it usually will end without the right social media strategy.

So what Snapchat weakness in all this? If Facebook / Instagram has copy / mimic Snapchat features, they should be able to do something better. Here are a few reasons why people will be using Instagram Snapchat stories rather than stories, and why Instagram business prospects are much better.

  • You have followers. Do not bother anymore to add a person with a QR code or ask for their username.
  • You have an account that you follow. If you are regularly using Instagram, then the people and brands who want to follow is already there. Moreover, Instagram has a number of users is much larger than Snapchat.
  • Instagram users can grab the older demographic, which cannot be achieved by Snapchat. Most Snapchat users were young people. Snapchat does not have the initiative to reach users aged 30+. In this age group, they are already familiar with Instagram. They do not have to get out of Instagram and create a new account on Snapchat.
  • Data users. Facebook has a large amount of data on each and all of its users. Now, Facebook has Instagram. Snapchat will not be able to compete with the kind of targeting large amounts of data.
  • Targeting the message. With large amounts of data up to each user and program development , the future of digital advertising and digital marketing will probably look more like a direct message to each individual , rather than put an ad in your account profile , which is not necessarily seen each user.


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So in a business or digital marketing, Instagram stories better for you to use. Feature Instagram Stories prefer the practicality of use and offers a more engaging experience with a wider range specifically to users who want to advertise. Those above are comparison between Snapchat and Instagram Stories. You need help to build a social media marketing strategy workable? That is our task, and you can trust us as a digital agency in Jakarta

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