Internet of Things (IoT) and It's Description Image : Internet of Things (IoT) and It's Description

Internet of Things (IoT) and It's Description

ibnuismail | March 02, 2017 - Internet of Things or IoT are based on gadget or technology equipment which can use to communicate with internet. This concept can change modern human to developt their business as happened at 1990. The pioneer of this concept are from an English man whose named Kevin Ashton at 1999. Until now on, a big company like Apple, Microsoft, Intel, etc are use this concept. In Asia, there are two countries which obtain the IoT concept in the large space. The two countries are South Korea (Seoul) and Singapura. That two countries can take and developt IoT inovation with the government support, institutions, and all of society then created the city with Smart City standard. 


Development of the Internet of Things (IoT)

Nowadays, Internet of Things (IoT) are applied in all of life stage of modern human, from the transportation aspect, education, health, till household. Until now, using internet is the second needs of modern human because internet can give some benefits and lot of potential. The example is internet can help businessman and buyer at online shop. When the item send to buyer, they can see their item through the courrier express by internet. The seller and the buyer can monitoring their item untill its received by the buyer. 

With this concept, the company and small industry can developt their business with implementation of IoT business concept. Many company are growth became big business through IoT concept and make other businessman applying the IoT business concept.


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