Knowing Two Types of SSL Certificate for Website Security Image : Knowing Two Types of SSL Certificate for Website Security

Knowing Two Types of SSL Certificate for Website Security

ibnuismail | March 02, 2017 - Within many objectives of website, it can show existence of business owner, company business, business profile, professional website or social media website. Many various website design and content tell everything about their owner characteristic. Website design and content will deciding the user’s interest to explore deeply about the website. If many users already interested, there is a big possibility to increase the visitors more.

However, what about if you already gain many visitors website? Using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate could be the answer! Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a security program that encrypt every in and out data in server and website. To make it easier, if you already visiting website such as Facebook, Google, Twitter and Kaskus, as you can see there is ‘lock’ button beside the website.

Get the picture about SSL certificate? We get more discuss about this, SSL certificate have 2 (two) types that can suitable for your needs:


SSL Certificated Based on Validation Domain

SSL certificate will validate your domain on your website based on these method below:

  • SSL Domain Validated

Have you ever heard about default email address that contains company website domain? Like This type of validation using method based on email that put in hosting. This program is to review if that email address has access.

  • Organization or Company Validated SSL

Validation process and make verification for this domain need a process. Why? Due to need to give that organization document or company with full and detail.

  • Extended Validation SSL

Try to open social media website like beside email address there’s a company name, Twitter, Inc. This effect because using Extended Validation SSL. Level of verification and validation have to use this SSL, and a little bit complicated because they have to send organization document or valid company, you have to sent verification letter to your address. Increasing price and service to put SSL certificated based from number one until number three. For number one, you can get with lowest price, even sometimes they provide for free. For number two until three, you can get little bit pricy and the most expensive is Extended Validation, due to these SSL can show company name from the website.


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SSL Certificated Based Domain That will Safe

SSL certificated can combine with those SSL certificate above. So, within one certificated, you can using it with many domain.


  • SSL Single Domain

Like their name, SSL certificated single domain is for one domain only, can’t more. Basically, SSL have 2 hosting name, website that contains www and without www.

  • SSL Multi Domain

This SSL can use in many domain depends on business owner needs. Usually, Cloudfire give free SSL certificate. 

  • SSL Wildcard

Have you ever see subdomain from the main domain? For example,, or Those things happened because of SSL Wildcard, this program will validate whole subdomain without boundaries.

For price based on type of domain above is basically the same. But, quality and security from SSL certificated not based from price or brand. So, be wise to choose SSL certificate for you website. But, if you not really get into it, Hamura Agency as a Digital Agency in Jakarta ready to help you to choose SSL certificate because we have what you need.

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