Let’s Recognize the SFS of Instagram to Increase Your Business Online! Image : Let’s Recognize the SFS of Instagram to Increase Your Business Online!

Let’s Recognize the SFS of Instagram to Increase Your Business Online!

ibnuismail | March 07, 2017

hamuraagency.com - Who don’t know about social media based in visual which named Instagram. The visual power of Instagram like photo become appeal to the user. Through Instagram, everyone can be photographer, celebrity-Instagram (selebgram), and businessman. Instagram can be utilized for various purposes. Just provide the interesting photos and put the relevant hashtag, the much likes and followers come into that account. For you, a businessman, Instagram can be the one to promote the business. But, promote the business by Instagram not just post the photo or video and get the customers. There are you must noted and do for your business in Instagram can running smoothly, especially for novice businessman.

If you have been long time in business by Instagram, you certainly know the Shoutout for Shoutout (SFS).  What a SFS? Let’s recognize the scheme of SFS Instagram business.


Apa itu SFS?

Shoutout for Shoutout (SFS) is a relation of the cooperation between online shop to promote each other by one account with other account. It was intended to give each other a reference to the respective followers of the shop online account. This makes the online shop followers an account has a reference shopping at online shop promoted accounts online account of the first shop.

The example case, online shop which named @adaapaaja has amount of followers, then that account promote another online shop account. So, followers of account @adaapaaja will see the post of that promote. There’s no doubt, if the content is interesting, so the followers will feel curious and open the account which promoted by. But, before you aplly this system of SFS, there are point that you must be noted of:


         1. The Number of Followers

Followers are the target of online shop for trading. But, how if the number of followers just a few? For the beginner, may followers just a few but try to reach amount of followers. Don’t use the bot (fake). Strive to get it organically (naturally) by presenting interesting posts, creative, and unique and use the appropriate and support hashtag.


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         2. Increase your Followers

If you planned to gain the followers using account promote service, choose and appropriate with your business needs. Offered fee are vary each online shop. You have to adjust your needs and of course your budget. If there is agreement, the online shop will promote your account at certain hours only then will remove it within 24 hours.


SFS Scheme

To do the SFS, an online shop account must has at least 10.000 followers. If it has followers more than 10.000 account, so automatically the other online shop account will invite you to promote each other. The way to promote is not difficult, you just post the photo or video from online shop account which you will promote with the negotiated content before.


Those are the things you must be noted for your business with SFS Intagram scheme. Be carefully choose your business associates to not reap the losses and don’t promote the same business with your product.

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