Live Chat, Best Feature for Company Sales Image : Live Chat, Best Feature for Company Sales

Live Chat, Best Feature for Company Sales

ibnuismail | March 02, 2017 - While we think about sales, timing is the important thing to achieve customers within the right timing and message.       Using real-time customers while they see your products or services in company website make your company get credibility from your own customers. Let’s find out what if we use live chat as a strategy to increase your business and give a little chance in business competition.


What is Live Chat?

As website visitors, you want involve in every companies movement. Live chat feature very comfortable for customers due to them probably have direct access, but also as a direct marketing promotion to attract customers and also connect relationship until they want to learn a lot about your company. Live chat will appear in chat windows later to invite visitors to chat with customers support whilst they can still see the company website and business. The chat windows usually designed to look directly as part of your website to provide information that they will not be directed away from your website.

Chat windows also can attract visitors with a simple automatic welcoming word which is triggered when certain conditions are met or speech instructions sent by the agent. Proactive chat invitations are designed to improve customer’s engagement. You can add a line chat with a website to have many agents as on your needs and wants. According to a survey conducted by Forrester Research, about 44% of consumer’s online live chat is an important feature in the midst of an online purchase.

Live chat is a powerful way to communicate with customers quickly and can reduce or even replace your need for phone support. If you have a live chat with the right staff, then there is no time to wait for an official response from customer support agent. Live chat has different approach with other marketing strategy. Live chat communication has to be warm and friendly to assist customers in their shopping experience. One simple way to do this is to use an avatar photo to be a representative for them to experience real chat.

If you want to use live chat, you have to monitor the activity on your website to make sure you have customer’s needs. Analytics can help you to determine when the majority visitors to your site that allows you are ready to receive a huge volume of customers chatting.


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