Recognize The Benefits of Advertising Self-Services Twitter to Develop Your Business Image : Recognize The Benefits of Advertising Self-Services Twitter to Develop Your Business

Recognize The Benefits of Advertising Self-Services Twitter to Develop Your Business

ibnuismail | March 31, 2017 - Digital industry continues to evolve in over time. Similarly with the development of social media. Each social media give their excellences which can use by the user, either for personal or business purposes.

Rumored to be sinking, social media Twitter just launched a new feature towards the end of last year that makes it easy for advertisers to access their business through social media  bearing the blue bird.

Twitter released new feature that named Self-Services Ads which is a new concept for marketers to advertise their company or business. The concept its carried of Self-Services Ads hunt small and medium enterprises and start-ups in Indonesia.


Why Must Use Self-Service Ads Twitter?

Self-Services Ads Twitter is a new advertising services  in Indonesia. Self-Services Ads be expected become excellent facility for the owner of small-medium enterprises and strat-up to make them advertise through that micro blogging platform. 

This feature generally can use for businessman to identified business target with predefined objects. The excess is considered very suitable for medium scale enterprises which generally have a centralized target market.


The Benefits of Self-Services Ads Twitter

There are some benefits which can be obtained in using Twitter Ads Self-Services include:

  1. Choose an Advertising Format

The main advertising feature is the selection of ads formats that can be used to perform the appropriate campaign that feels most optimal format.

You can choose to use website card if have target to get high traffic to the site you have. The other format which choosen is lead generation card. This format later can make you get the leads of the target audience of business you run.


  1. Adjust the Target Market

You can adjust the target market from the business which run in Self-Services Ads. You can use the event targetting in advertising that will run in the target can be adjusted with a moment that is happening when the ad is running. Example, when the ads related with Mother’s Day, so the you can point the target to young mothers or expression of the love for mother.


  1. Analytics of Ads Result

No longer waiting for, you can see the analytics directly the ads result that running. From that analytics, you can understand the magnitude of the results achieved from the overall budget amount when running an ad in a particular period. Additionally, you can also see if they give effect to the business you are running.


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When you will use Self-Services Ads to expand the awareness, the things you need just Twitter account and credit card. Twitter account used as the base for the use of this services, while the credit card is used as the billing system of the use of advertising on Twitter.

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