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Simple and Easy, Emoticon Apparently Support Social Media Content

ibnuismail | March 02, 2017 - In this digital era, who don’t know about social media? almost people have social media account. The purpose of having social media ccount are different in each people, there are for business, keep in touch with their family or friends, have a new information, and others. All of service in social media are simple access. Related with social media, emoticon is the complement status update or communication with other social media user. The existention of emoticon is getting stronger due to represent the words or caption in the post. No wonder, there’s a user just using emoticon in the status update. How if this emoticon is related with social media content whose purpose for marketing, is this an effective? Yes, this is very effective. Quoted from maxmanroe. Com, social media content which has emoticon can increase the engagement with user until 25,4% than the content without emoticon. And then, how to use emoticon in marketing at social media? let’s see!

  1. Response the Content

When we give the response in social media content, usually we have to click the ‘like’ or “favorite’ button. To response this content, you can use emoticon to change the function of like and favorite. Using emoticon in social media marketing is the best way to share to consumen in your social media. as the example, if you have an interested product yet useful and want to offering through social media, you can add the emoticon (y) or ^_^ to support your caption.


  1. Explain the Theme of Content

The second interest of emoticon in social media is to explain the theme of content that we shared or publication. A spesifict target usually to be the purpose in social media marketing. Using emoticon, will abridge and more spesifict than long caption. The simple example is if we will make a post about fruits, we can use fruit emoticon either about car exhibition, we can use car emoticon, and others. There are to make followers or people who see our post, will get the message that we convey as soon as possible.


  1. Abridge the Caption

Every caption that we made are very important for followers and other social media user. An effectivity of the content are very influental for the product that we share through social media marketing. So we have to be carefull to choose the caption, the words, and the language. Used the formal words is so monoton and booring for the followers. So, we have to add the emoticon to make them get closer and chummy. Make an attractive and creative words yet simple with emoticon.

The point is every caption and content that we shared in social media has an effects and influents to followers. The more or the less of that effect are depend on ourself who worked. So, the emoticon to be the way to increase the effect to social media content that we shared.


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