The Benefits of Mobile Application for Business Image : The Benefits of Mobile Application for Business

The Benefits of Mobile Application for Business

ibnuismail | February 21, 2017 - As we know that people are very interesting to use mobile application. From the e-commerece untill the big company is going to make application which useful in the smartphone of their consumen. The mobile application isn’t far from the supplier of  Operating System (OS) by smartphone whose give some kind of applications for consumen. Some supplier of application that famous and used by Asian people is Google Playstore for Android operation system, Appstore for IOS operation system, and Windows Phone Store for Windows Mobile operation system. Some company of digital agency and start up website is making mobile application in their service.

Now, mobile application is developing along with the increasly of  user smartphone and tablet. According the data of Gartner, mobile application that downloaded in 2015 are 170 billion and will increase untill 270 billion in 2017 soon. If we look the condition of people, using smartphone will never stopped, from the teenagers, childs, then the parents are using smartphone to access the technology. Day by day the user is increasingly and always downloading application in the store service by operation system in their smartphone.


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The businessman look the phenomena to develop their business. Not just it, mobile apps ease the businessman to make their business user easy to access. The consumen and user feel comfort with the mobile application service. However, that application must be update, so the bugs and the new technology always be monitoring to fill the needs of their consumen. By the survey to application user, there’s six benefits of using mobile application.


6 Benefits of Using Mobile Application


  1. Easy to Access

There’s before smartphone exist, you oftenly access the internet via laptop or computer that connect to wi-fi. But, after smartphone come to your life, you can accsess your needs easily using mobile apps.


  1. More Safe

Believe it or not, use mobile application is more safety than access from laptop or computer which can use by some people beside the owner. Send the text message or announcement can do rapidly and safety because user straightly access from their smartphone.


  1. Share-able

Mobile apps usualy give the benefits to user who register because it can straightly connect to social media. This is easy to make opportunity for user to share information which related with mobile apps to social media.


  1. Business Tools

Mobile apps is the best business tool which give good service for user.


  1. Real Time Communication

Mobile apps enable to do real time communication with business user. In other hand, mobile apps make the user to give survey and rating.


  1. Local Base Service

Mobile apps can use local base service and so you can find the chummy of user with outlet and facilities that relates with that business.

There’s an easy, right? What are you interesting to use mobile application for your business?

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