These 3 Tools Can Help You to Manage the Business With Instagram Image : These 3 Tools Can Help You to Manage the Business With Instagram

These 3 Tools Can Help You to Manage the Business With Instagram

ibnuismail | March 03, 2017 - Nowadays, marketing business online are developt fastly and make tight competition. The businessman are thinking deep  how to win the business competition in marketing online and so social media become an obligation thing to businessman to maximize it. If you one of some businessman who do the marketing online, so you must note this thing. Instagram become an effective social media site to maximize the competition in this field. This thing are potential to introduce your business to all Instagram user. But, to do this strategy isn’t easy because we still need the tools or help from another side to do this method.

There are Hamura Agency will give you a recommendation the tools which usefull for you to use in social media marketing.


  1. BestBuddies

Generally, this application will notice you about the followers that oftenly give likes in every content which you post. Let say, this application will notice you who your best followers. This application can notice you untill 10 accounts of followers that give a direct interaction to you. Not just it, the history about like of followers can you see with this application. If you analized the most active followers, then looking for what they like. From those 10 accounts, next we can do the right approach. We can use the data to make digital marketing strategy to the next step, search 10 followers who looks like your 10 followers before.


  1. Buffer

A lot people use Buffer, especially admin and internet marketer to manage Instagram account. It so important for Instagram marketing, as the sample in manage the post. It has still obey the Instagram’s rules without posting the content automaticly. But it will give notification to user in the time they scheduled to post the content, but still manually.


  1. Social Rank

As the same above, this application are more famous with the complement and comprehensive to serve the data which we analize. The collection of the complete data followers will served neatly and clearly. The composition of followers will categorize from the linked until the general. With this app, we can see the potential user or followers lists as our business client. Furthermore, this application can show the keyword and hashtag which used by followers. And the more this application can show you geographic service and we can make followers group based on their area.


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Those are an applications which can help us to increase the sales with social media as  Instagram. And then, it how we make the strategy to catch the potential client or consumen. Happy trying!


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