These are the Reasons Why You Should Build the E-Commerce Business Image : These are the Reasons Why You Should Build the E-Commerce Business

These are the Reasons Why You Should Build the E-Commerce Business

ibnuismail | April 20, 2017 - Building a business must be very clever to see the business opportunity if you want to stay afloat. Nowadays, business marketing world started to move left conventional marketing and switch to a digital platform. The move was not necessarily due to the many users of social media, but also the lifestyle of modern society now in a digital world.

That phenomenom is a big chance to marketer and business owner to treading the digital marketing platform. In addition to due to amount of social media users who flourishing but also the lifestyle of a larger portion in cyberspace. Supply of easeness become attractiveness for people, either personal relation or business. With gadget they can gain what they want.

The one of those easiness is e-commerce business. E-commerce or electronic commerce is the electronic trading which are purchasing, trading, and merketing of goods and services through electronic system such as internet, website, or other networking. E-commerce can involve electronic funds transfer, electronic data interchange, automated inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems.

E-commerce activity as the application and implementation of e-business (e-business or electronic business) which related to commercial transactions, such as electronic funds transfer, SCM (supply chain management), electronic marketing (e-marketing), or online marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), and so forth.

Besides this, there are still some reasons why you should build a business with e-commerce. The explanation we summarize below:

1. E-commerce Growing Rapidly

Projection of eMarketer showed that e-commerce will developing and growth rapidly and significant. E-commerce estimated will growth up to 13-25 percent in a whole world. The growth summit estimated will reach $1.600.000.000.000 and in the end of 2018 mostly $2.5 trillion. E-commerce growthness in America anticipated to be somewhere between 11.6 and 16.5 percent from the year of 2013-2018. These are the big chance for you to immediately start a business e-commerce for development and growth is very rapid.


2. Flexibility Income

In e-commerce business, you can manage your shop at domain name which can selling product globally. Your product can accessed by everyone and from any region also accessable for 24 hours. So, although you are sleeping, there is will always a buyer and can reserve your product.

Fortunately, you can press the cost because you won’t to rent the employee to keep your shop as offline shop. Costs can be transitioned into production or advertising fees. However, you need technicians to manage the website or application. It was not difficult because now there are many service providers or agency website creation.


3. Easily Constructed

Building a business e-commerce does not take a lot of procedures and costs. Now, many manufacturing services or e-commerce website and SEO services that can build your business without the high cost.


4. High Online Buyers

This is a widespread phenomenon. People are starting to feel the ease of online purchases. Just reserve by website or social media, the transfer of payment can be done through mobile banking, your order will be delivered directly. Buyers don’t need to come to the store, they can get the desired order. The easeness makes the percentage of online purchases increased and become traffic in e-commerce.


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Other of those reasons above, there are many other reasons you can meet. Utilize those opportunities to build your business better. You can start immediately.

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