Tips for Line Up Social Media with SEO Strategy for Your Business Image : Tips for Line Up Social Media with SEO Strategy for Your Business

Tips for Line Up Social Media with SEO Strategy for Your Business

ibnuismail | March 02, 2017 - A successful of social media campaign must has a positive effects to search engine rank. Moz found that  social metric is a factor which can increase your website rank, include the quality of  the link. But, how to apply this method? How to we know if our social media can help the website rank in search engine? These are some SEO strategy can you use in the marketing strategy of your social media.  

  1. Maximize the Social Media Metadata

Metadata in social media of the content can help you to optimize the social media and get the preview and link from social media platform. You must update code page with the relevant title, description, tag pictture, and URL in your website page. This is will help you to choose the content which appear in any social media like Facebook and Twitter. The purpose is for establish your content looks attractive at the eye of user and make them looking for the information and click your link. This is will translated by search engine as the visitor page and give the positive effects for SEO.


  1. Increase the Amount of Your Social Media Followers

Have a lot of followers can increase your chance to get good result of  SEO. You may feel confused with all of this, so we try to explain the better correlation. If you have so many followers and the post linked with your website, people automaticly see your post. The more people see your content, the more you have chances to get visitor and keep interact with them in social media. For the example, you have a thousand followers that likes your post, then you share an article that relevant to your followers. If  just 10% from all your followers are a hundred person who see your content, and let say 50% from them that see your content are share, so fifty person followers will share your content. The other example, let say you have a hundred followers in social media and your followers likes all your content. If 50% from all amount of followers see your content, it means fifty person are see your content. Not all those 50 person share your post. If 80% of them are sharing, it means 40 person can give a positive effects in your website. Those are just hypotheses count, but you can understand how to get a lot of followers which can increase the chance of your content seen by people. The point is, the more you have followers, the more they share your content then the more link which linked in your website and in the end, SEO rank will increase.


  1. Optimize the Keyword

Use an effective keyword in your post can help you increase the visibility of the post. This is can make more clicks and increase amount of the visitor. When you optimize the information and description of social media content with popular keyword, there’s a chance that content will appear when user search with that keyword. As the same as you do with page content, you need to do the research about keyword and looking for the relevant keyword that people search. After it, you can use the keyword in the relevant post.


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Those are the tips how to line up social media and SEO strategy for your business. This article just a little prove to make significant social media element signal that can give an effects to your SEO and so you can increase your website rank in the search engine. Have you an ask about SEO and social media marketing? Share your experience here.

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