Use Youtube Ads to Boost Your Business Image : Use Youtube Ads to Boost Your Business

Use Youtube Ads to Boost Your Business

ibnuismail | March 07, 2017 - Most people known digital marketing products like Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Linked In, Twitter, dan Instagram Ads. But, did you know about Youtube Ads? In every single day, there are million people watch video by Youtube. In fact, statistically data says that more than 1.2 billion online videos are viewed a day with total 6 billion hours spent by the user each month to watch video show.

That data indicated how popular Youtube among digital users. Youtube place in second rank search engine after Google. The fantastic rank and has the big chance for businessman to marketing tehir product in Youtube. These are the reasons why you must advertise by Youtube Ads to reach the chance of increasing business:


  1. More Attractive Visual

Most people are reluctant to read the advertisement in a long time, if only your brand is a top brand which always awaited new products by them. People more fascinated to absorbing visual than text.


  1. Low Cost

Almost the same with Google Adword, Youtube Ads use cent per view (CPV) system if you run at in-stream (pre-roll) advertisement.  You won’t charged untill your video visible for 30 seconds or finish. Rates are priced between Rp 200-300 per view.


  1. Have More Space

The businessman will compete in the advertisement their product at social media which has high scale or most of users. But, most people not advertise yet their business by Youtube Ads. So, it is a great opportunity for you to advertise and make money at low cost.


Make the Youtube Advertisement

The benefit you have already known and now is the time to prepare your advertisement video which attractive and compact so viewers will interesting to watch until your advertisement video show has end up. These are the tips to make advertisement video to upload with Youtube Ads:


  1. Video Eksplainer Which Concise and Clear

The viewer that open a video show, they certainly see what they  are looking for. You just need eight second to catch their attention before they click the “skip add” or close your advertisement video. So, don’t waste your time with make regular videos, make it clear and concise but still interesting.


  1. Call to Action

Make call to action in the end of your video. Place the call to action like “register now”, “click here”, or “get it now” after the video end up. Make sure the call to action links to your business website.


  1. Call-to-Action Overlay

Youtube provide the feature whose named call-to-action that you can use on your advertisement. It is a small banner which appear right in the bottom of the video. Use it to strengthen your advertisement.


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Do it carefully and full of plans allow your ad to boost the business. Remain patient if in the beginning of advertising has not been much action. May be useful for your business.

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