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Using Influencer as a Marketing Strategy

ibnuismail | March 02, 2017 - A key component of marketing is always take advantage of customers through language and words. It is very important to measure success and how the brand become popular. At this time, we have the ability to measure the effectiveness of social media, as well as allowing it to collect the data we need on the initiative of the language and words that bind the customer to sales. It is very attractive for advertisers, marketers and their clients, because with the advent of influencers can expand viewers by way of tracking and targeting.

Chris Breikss, Founding Partner of marketing agencies in Toronto and New York influencer mention this as KOL (Key Opinion Leaders). With the increasing popularity of combining KOLs into the company's marketing strategy, several institutions and businesses leaving the old marketing strategy. If you have not added influencer or KOL, maybe it's the right time to do it.


What is KOL or Influencer?

KOL can be defined as someone who had an impact on others in their purchasing decisions. First we will see just celebrities or well-known figures who will be representing a brand or a product feature. Now not only celebrities, but social media users "regular" who can influence others. Here are some key definitions of "What Makes an Impact."


A large number of followers can make them influential. Someone with thousands of followers are obviously doing something can help you achieve or targeted demographic market.


  1. Having Active Followers

Influencers may not have a lot of followers, but their followers are the ones dedicated and passionate. They have a lot of involvement and share your posts, which it has the power to reach even further.


  1. Celebrity

Fame has a direct influence, but using the fame of celebrities to promote your brand is something worth considering. Many brands hire celebrities to promote products on social media with considerable cost.


  1. Expertise

Trustworthy is a very precious thing in social media, it looks like people are trained to see everything online with a certain skepticism. While people may react to your own posts with skepticism, support from appropriate experts can remove the doubt. If you can find a trusted expert in the relevant field with your business on social media, this can be a big driver awareness and sales.


  1. Have a Well Taste

There are times when a person with good taste is as important as influencers who have been mentioned. Having someone who may not currently have a lot of followers or influence, but who have well taste can be useful. These people, when given the opportunity, can instantly become very influential, because it may just be developing their online identity. Each type offers something different influencers. Understanding the purpose of your brand will help you choose the best for your project.


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That's five Influencer definition you need for your marketing strategy. Influencer marketing is a good way to let your brand effectively engage with individuals who have a specific target. It's important to find the right individual brands that both the project objectives and target market. If you have not already, start now. You can consult with us as a digital agency!

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