Why Instagram Become a Famous Social Media? Image : Why Instagram Become a Famous Social Media?

Why Instagram Become a Famous Social Media?

ibnuismail | February 21, 2017

hamuraagency.com – If you an active social media user, you absolutely know about Instagram. It was realease at 2010 and became a famous social media in a whole world, include Indonesia. Instagram is a social media application that use to share photo and short video. It’s like Twitter, to have friends on Instagram, you must follow account or usually called following and the account that follow you called followers. This application has photo editor feature with any effects which make your photo looks good. For the example, you can touch your photo with film effects low-end.

This application was realeased on iOS. Then, the development of using Android smartphone get increase. So, Instagram appeared on Android at 2013 and smartphone windows, too. Instagram’s user increase so fast and based on id.technisia.com, Indonesia in number three of the largest Instagram user in the world. About 70 million user are from Indonesia. Wow..!!! It’s so amazing, right!

Based on the same source, about 45 % from the user of Instagram using it for advertising and business. It’s like a trigger for the company and advertisor to have marketing product on this social media. With the superiority to share post in Facebook, Twitter, and other social media which potential induce for viral advertising. Some big company in this country and each small and medium-size enterprise (in Indonesia called UKM) applied digital business strategy in Instagram. The digital agency company take a business opportunity with social media admin service to the client.

Anyway, what the things which make Instagram being a famous application to make enterpreneur, teenagers, and everyone wanna use this application and get  so many followers? Are because they have advertising in other media? or because the successfullness of viral advertising? Let’s check this out!


The 4 Reason of Instagram Become a Famous Social Media


  1. Facebook Give an Influence for The Development of Instagram.

It’s not just a secret anymore, one of the famous social media, Facebook is being world’s attention. So many media in a whole world, looking for the news about Facebook, include the information about Instagram’s acquitition by Facebook. Facebook give much contribution to make Instagram better than before.


  1. There’s a Message in Each Photos on Intagram

When you difficult to say with the words, sometimes photo is the right choice to communicate with other. There’s a message in each photos on Instagram. Otherways, this application can make us more easy to have self expressions.


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  1. World Figure and Public Figure Appeal

Many celebrity and world figure that used Instagram for the people appeal to use Instagram too. Usually, they will know about celebrity or world figure activity and it can inspired them.


  1. You Can Set an Advertising on Instagram

There’s a spot for an advertise in Instagram is a good news for people who will set an advertising in Instagram, especially for product or service enterpreneur. They can do the promote for them product and of course it can supply the income.

There is some reasons why Instagram become  famous social media. Do you have any opinion? Let’s share with us!

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