DIGITEC Watch is the quality product of digital watch from Japan. The design are stylish and sporty which combined with comfort and toughness.
DIGITEC trying to be the best product of digital watch that trusted by customers. With Japan quality product, DIGITEC attending solutions for customer who have a tough and resistant digital watch.



DIGITEC has given trust to us to made them up in digital. Our team had tried to create, deliver and manage well-structured and data-driven social media campaign to increase awareness and establish, manage and deliver effective campaign.



We started the campaign from the basic digital assets and developed all the material to the top. The digital assets are taken from website and social media (e.g. Facebook, Instagram). We had maximized the assets to built the brand awareness and brand image to the people. We have got the optimal result by the special ads at all of social media that we used to increase the campaign. We made the tagline of DIGITEC "Professional Digital Watch" are friendly in their minds and use the product. We built the brand image, so people aware that DIGITEC are fit in their any activities, outdoor or indoor.


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