Fable Indonesia is the product of beauty and body mist cologne. The products are targeted to customer who loves practical and dynamic. The beauty items are face cleanser, toner, and make up remover tissue. There are made for the people who will keep the face clean with no much time to to do. The body mist cologne made by quality product which fit in each characters of people.



Started from the fact of many brand of beauty product in Indonesia, our team faced the challenge for acquaint the brand to the public and made people aware to Fable. Fable were the potential brand which gave the best beauty product. So, we did the analysis how to pin the brand in the national market. Then, we identified the strategies for digital marketing in social media. They were brand image and brand awareness.



We created and delivered the social media campaign. By social media, we invited people to used the product of Fable and given them space for involved. In the other ways, we had realeased the event to made people felt close with the brand. Not just event, there is an influencer like famous artist to got the best campaign's results.


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