Indonesia Banking School (IBS) as private institute of economice science  which is developing the human resource in the field of finance and banking in Indonesia.

After prepared its students to face the formation of the ASEAN single market (MEA) at the end of year 2015, now IBS has purpose to create a banking school that excels in ASEAN in 2025.



We are trusted by IBS to developt its purpose in digital, we realize the challenge is the presence in digital platform. So, we focus to make out of the problem and give IBS the big space in digital market.

The space we made by advertising and social media to get presence in digital by using its social media platform to the target market. 



To communicate the purpose as IBS vision, we understand that the first thing to do is give a presence in the digital platform.

So, our team make an advertising in Facebook to expand the brand image. Other ways, we manage its social media to share its activities.

Sharing activities are to introduce market that IBS are the productive university and ready to produce graduates who are filled with integrity, have excellent knowledge in finance especially in banking, have skills in their field, are professional, and are independent.


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