Believed that clean water is the most basic necessity and everyone has the right to enjoy clean water to improve their living standards, Waterhouse Indonesia Foundation to bring a vision to provide access to clean water to people living in remote areas. Recently, Indonesia Waterhouse Project has helped more than 500 families in the village of Napu, East Sumba to enjoy clean water easily. At 2016, Waterhouse Indonesia Foundation resumed construction of water channels in three villages in East Sumba and initiated collaboration with Laneige Indonesia in Laneige 'Refill Me' Campaign in 2016.



Laneige 'Refill Me' Campaign in 2016 was a concern for Laneige Indonesia to problems faced by the majority of the Indonesian people. The campaign aims to provided benefits in the form of accessed to clean water for the people who need. In 2016, through the sale tumblr 'Refill Me' and its range of products Water Bank, Laneige Indonesia helps East Sumba communities in three villages; Mbatupuhu village, Pambotanjara village, village Wunga to gain access to clean water that can improved their health and lives. From that campaign, we created the microsite to provided those campaign. That was the challenge we have faced to resolved. So, our team completed the challenge as well as possible.


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