The Sasbadi Group were publisher of educational materials, undertaking print publishing focusing on primary and secondary school education. While most of their educational materials are based on the Malaysian National School Curriculum and they also publish other non-curriculum based educational materials and general title books.

Sasbadi has published millions of books and educational aids for the school-going children of Malaysia since we were established in 1985. From elite smart schools in the cities to simple schools in the kampungs, Sasbadi has been an essential guide for students and teachers on their journey towards knowledge. In its mission to broaden minds, they have created a new imprint committed to the study of literature, art and culture.



Sasbadi was our client which located in Malaysia. So, our communication made up by mobile application or by phone. The distance might be our challenged to built the clear information and what they need to developt the website. Sasbadi was highly aware of its social responsibilities. Our team did the deep thought and research to made they website support its vision to guiding lights and moral by people as them journey into the future. Sometimes, there were any noise in the communication but our team overcomed its problem and Sasbadi was cooperatif well company.


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